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Some like to learn every aspect of their creation and have full control over it. Our kits will allow you to build your very own pixel controller and program it to your preference. We also will have ready made kits and complete controllers ready for any level of enthusiast! Below is a video from Andrew (one of our beta testers) and his awesome creation using the megapixel kit. Both roof trims and porch railings are smart pixels being controlled by the Megapixel Controller and receivers. One receiver controlled both roof trims and the other receiver controlled the porch railings.

Teensy 3.2
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Buy Your Teensy Direct from PJRC Website. Actual size is 1.4 by 0.7 inch The Teensy USB Development Board is a complete USB-based microcontroller development system. Teensy 3.2 is a direct, 100% compatible board for the megapixel controller. All Teensy boards are shipped assembled and fully tested.

MegaPixel Controller with 2 Receiver Boards
PCB Only Kit

This kit will get you the PCB's only.  You will need to source your parts from our BOM list in the manual or you can use our DigiKey link. If you are an international customer ordering more than two kits please contact us at so we can get you the correct shipping price. Prices below include shipping with tracking. Please note if you use the digikey link It includes all the parts except the Teensy. Please see the Teensy ordering link.  You may also order the Teensy 3.2 on several other popular websites. PLEASE NOTE If you use the Digikey link the cart may show empty or is not working.  Please hit refresh once or twice and the items should populate. 

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