Creatively Controlling  Pixels

A New Generation
of Pixel Controllers

Meet the Megapixel Controller!  Introducing a new DIY pixel controller with Eight SPI feeds
supporting up to 32 Universes intended for lighting enthusiasts and professionals.

  • ~ 8 SPI @ 680 Max Pixels Each
  • ~ 32 universes (5440 Pixels)
  • ~ sACN E1.31
  • ~ Artnet planned for future firmware release
  • ~ Up to 40+ frames per second (faster frame rates with less Universes)
  • ~ Uses open source firmware (c++ via Arduino)
  • ~ Opens source = Endless features and possibility
  • ~ Powered by the efficient Teensy 3.2
  • ~ Powerful pixel control by fastLED libraries
  • ~ Comes in PCB, PCB KIT, Fully Assembled options!
  • ~ Complete controller under $80 makes it one of the most affordable (PCB KIT)
  • ~ Many uses for DIY holiday entertainment, Stage, props, convention sets and more.

OctoLuminate Controller & Receiver

One of the unique traits of the Megapixel Controller is its receiver board.   This allows the highest signal quality to be delivered to the first pixel.  One Controller has two Receiver boards that allows flexible placement of Power and Pixel data Terminations.  We have tested up to 30ft from controller to the first pixel using Cat5e Cable. Why does this matter?  most pixel controllers do not use RJ45 / cat5 cat6 cable for signal delivery. The common result for common controllers is signal degradation.   This can cause flickering and other undesirable effects.   The receiver boards also allow power injection to happen much closer to the first pixel reducing the chances of severe voltage drop. 

PJRC Teensy Powered!

We chose a chip that is not only capable of the job but also has some of the best supported user groups online. The Teensy Platform is comprised of a Cortex M4 Chip with clocking speeds over 96Mhz. What makes this chip sing is its ability to send pixel data very efficiently. We chose the fastLED and Octows2811 platform to manipulate and deliver amazing control and effects to you popular ws281x style pixels.  To order you teensy 3.2 now please visit PJRC Store website here